Mackenzie Ziegler Talks Staying at Hogwarts

The amazing Mackenzie Ziegler at last makes it to the YH Studio to light up our lives and tell us all about her inspirational song "Monsters (AKA Haters)" and its "Stranger Things"-inspired music video! She also dishes on her 'Day and Night Tour' with Johnny Orlando, plus she reveals her favorite dance style and her go-to rules for living your best life!

Zay Hilfiger & Zayion McCall Teach You To Juju On That Beat

Time to get your dancing kicks on because rappers Zay Hilfiger and Zayion McCall are in the YH Studio to teach how to "Juju On That Beat" like they do in the music video for their hit song! Follow along as Zay and Zayion demonstrate all the most important steps!

How To Take The Perfect Selfie With Sean O’Donnell

Actor and Instagram model Sean O'Donnell pays a visit to the YH Studio to scoop us on his unusual movie 'Mamaboy', where he plays a pregnant high schooler! He reveals what the experience of wearing a prosthetic belly taught him, plus he tells us why he wants to visit Paris so badly and he shares his steps for taking the perfect selfie!

“Smell & Tell” Challenge with Eva Gutowski

We're hanging out in the YH Studio with YouTube star Eva Gutowski, whom we challenge to a little game we call "Smell and Tell"! See how well our noses are as we try to figure out the smells of certain spices -- loser has to eat bubblegum!

Bea Miller’s ‘Blue’ Masterpiece

We're hanging out with singer Bea Miller in the YH Studio live where we challenge her to a little drawing game based on her EP 'Chapter One: Blue', with the help from fans streaming on! See what masterpieces we can come up with!