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Claudia Oshry "Girl With No Job" Reveals Her Firsts & Lasts

It's not everyone who can manage to make a job out of, well, having no job! But that's just what Claudia Oshry did, creating her online persona @girlwithnojob and catapulting into online fame! Since then, she's been able to parlay her Internet stardom into other projects such as a webseries and even a blossoming singing career, thanks to her single "Toast"! We invite the outspoken Insta-queen to the Young Hollywood Studio where we dig deeper into her life and self-made career with a game of "Firsts & Lasts"! Claudia shares experiences such as her first time performing on stage, her first viral blog post, and, yes, her first job, plus find out about the last text she sent, her first Taylor Swift concert, and the last celeb whose DMs she slid into!